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Experiencing pre-eclampsia can be very confusing, scary and life changing for women and families. If you have experienced pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome or eclampsia or have recently been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, we are here to support and listen. 

Some women contact us years after their experience or have recently been through a pregnancy complicated by pre-eclampsia. There are a range of different things that women and families my contact us, mostly to seek information, ask questions to better understand what is going on. In some cases, we have other women with similar experiences to connect with, every situation is different.


To get in touch, you can email us at 



Advice for Dad's

This Zoom was put together by our sister organisation in the UK (UK APEC). This group of Dad's got together to share their experiences with pre-eclampsia and offer advice to other Dad's out there about self care, especially mental health.

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